Jim Fraser, service worker, on phone

Jim Fraser

Carl Holman, hydraulic seal technician, measuring seal

Carl Holman

Brian Allen, counter worker with inventory spreadsheet

Brian Allen

Ryan Doucet, service worker, with high pressure hydraulic hose

Ryan Doucet

Mat Lively, service worker, reshaping hydraulic line

Matt Lively

Bruce Reage, hose department manager

Bruce Reage

Manager, Hose Dept.

Strictly Hydraulics is the largest supplier of hydraulic hoses and fittings east of Quebec. We list well over 10,000 part numbers.

The department boasts its own seal section, unique in Atlantic Canada. Carl Holman runs the section in a spacious second-floor workshop stocked with thousands of products. He makes up replacement seal kits for hydraulic components often brought to the shop so worn that he must measure parts and search shelves to find a proper fit. Other companies dealing in hydraulics will shop at Strictly Hydraulics for seals he provides.

The department also boasts a test stand that can put components under 15,000 PSI of pressure to make sure they meet specifications.

Strictly Hydraulics is the only company in Nova Scotia certified to assemble and supply propane hose assemblies for various industries.

The department is also controlled goods certified to source and supply equipment for the Canadian and US military.

Supply department employees have an average well above 15 years of experience. All have taken qualification courses from Eaton Aeroquip as product and application specialists. The company is a member of the National Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution.

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