Project Examples

Press Commissioning and Tech Support

OSB hydraulic pressStrictly Hydraulics hired to assess an OSB Press. Hydraulics had been shut down for 5 years and we put together a plan for testing/commissioning to meet a first press date in six weeks. This is a 1200 HP system with a 3600 gallon accumulator with peak flows at roughly 4000 gpm. Project included assessing system fluid, supervising 15,000 litre fill, test all system pumps, develop and implement procedure to function test all system control circuits. Met first press target date and continue to provide ongoing support on press related tuning and maintenance issues.

Power Unit Upgrade

This project consisted of converting a five pump, pump pressure compensated power unit (225 HP total power) to flooded suction and simplifying system conductors to eliminate leakage points. A new HPU frame was designed, fabricated and installed to elevate the 800 US gallon reservoir and a custom pump supply manifold was installed including high pressure filtration and isolation valves. A unit that once was a continual maintenance problem with at least one pump being replaced each year has now run for three years trouble free.
100 HP Portable HPU

Portable hydraulic power unit

This pressure compensated and load sense power unit with soft start was custom built to the client’s specifications. Unit had manual proportional control output for testing individual components as well as a main outlet to power various pieces of deck equipment on-site as well as at our client’s facility for commissioning of new equipment. Unit supplied with load tested frame for crane handling.

Rigging Test Bed Upgrade

This project involved the upgrading of a 250,000 lb rigging test bed hydraulic system to completely automate the process to follow a programmed load curve, measure force and deflection and then data logging the results and print a report. ADM Engineering, as the prime contractor, provided the design/build of the control system including programming logic, PLCs, I/O including a laser measuring system and the touch screen operator interface. Strictly Hydraulics re-designed the HPU and added a P/Q control valve to provide the accurate load control required.

Tubing/Hose Installation

We recently completed a tubing/hose installation for five small rolling mills. Due to the extremely dirty conditions on-site we decided to prefab, pressure test and flush all assemblies at our shop. These assembled were then installed on-site and given a final pressure test and circulation before hook up. The decision to prefab allowed for less time on-site so we could meet tight shutdown schedules.

Valve and Actuator Test Stand

Design/build project where we reverse engineered a test stand based on the testing procedures provided by the client. At 15 HP this is a low power test stand, but it is very flexible and is used to power several test stations from a closed loop load control actuator for testing cargo hooks to testing actuator components.